Day 24 of 30 in our 2018 NaNoWriMo & November Poem-A-Day (NovPAD) challenges. Down to the last seven days of November’s writing challenges …

Today Nov 24th is Small Business Saturday, a day where holiday shopping is encouraged to shop in the local business, a way to offset the “brand” advantage big-box businesses have.  Let’s go with “act local” as our prompt. 

For 2018 PAD Challenge, Brewer’s prompt today is write a salty poem.

Over at Poetry Potion’s Poem-A-Day Challenge, today’s prompt is  “a story about my aunt”. … Watch out, Aunt Tammy; I’m going to have fun with this one today!

Checking in with the NaNoWriMo calendar, today it suggests “If you want to write THAT part, write that part. You can move things around later.” 

Yep – I’m all about the prompts!

Today’s share is my draft from yesterday’s Challenge from Brewer; he suggested “I Can’t (blank)”

Which my muse decided would be “I can’t but I will” and, near the end, she tacked on “… and I do”.

I Can't But I Will And I Do by Ariel

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I will be doing more marketing during December than I usually do – if I remember. To be honest, I hate “selling” and marketing; it feels very “aggressive” to me so I try to limit it. And I think holiday shopping should be pushed only during the holiday season. There’s also times I just forget to do marketing because life pushes other priorities. But then I have moments when I realize I am shooting myself in the foot by not letting the world know I have my work available.  … It is now holiday season & I will try to discipline myself to sharing what I have available.

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My archive of blog’ poetry prompts is here.

You know I’m all about the prompts!


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Cover image provided by NaNOWriMo 2018.