Perhaps you have someone who you love like a mother. Maybe there’s someone who chides you like a mother. Did that soccer-mom-save on you when you got in that car accident.

Aunts often love you like a mother. Older siblings too.

Or maybe you got an injury that hurts like a mother …!

Today’s prompt is “like a mother”.


My poem today became a checklist poem as I was composing today’s entry …

CheckList: Mommin like a mother

Not sure if I should just shorten the title to “checklist: momming” …

What do you think? Let me know.


Want to look up a past prompt? Maybe one of my past Pinterest “Ariel’s List”?

I’ve made it easy for you. You can find them in my archive on my Poetry Prompts page.

Took a couple of pages out of CC Willlow’s play book … started loading my poetry memes onto RedBubble (as ArielPacNWpoet) & ShopVida (poet-ariel).