Today I’ve been thinking of one of my favorite artists, Vincent Van Gogh… and, hey, I’ve a pix taken yesterday of him & I together – him the beauty, me the brains.

My favorite portrayal of Vincent was in Dr Who (the episode that centered around the Church of Auvers painting), when Smith’s Doctor & Amy Pond spent time with Vincent. We almost all know that Van Gogh suffered

from mental illness. Evidence suggests it was manic depression, a chronic disorder believed to have been experienced by many creative people through the ages.

But,let’s be honest … aren’t we all a little mad? Insane even?

Today’s prompt is “Van Gogh”. Channel your inner madness – sone people call it “passion” but – tamatoe, tomahtoe – Use it creatively; Write a poem about music, a countryside idyll, living with only one ear.

Use some empathy and write the poem Vincent should have written. Pergaps expose on the benefits of being a ginger!

Or imagine him, in modern day, trying to get psychiatric help from a Mental Health line.

Play with it. Have fun poeming …

I was hoping to have some wine tonight – toast Vincent for bring my muse – but I seem to have spent all my money on cleaning supplies.

Listen, if you haven’t done so yet, DON’T grow up. I really don’t recommend it. It’s a form of mental illness, I believe … And playing’s the only treatment!