I’ve been down for the count – as sick and useless as my laptop, Lady Pixy. However …

I was gifted a new laptop yesterday!!! (Thank you, Bro!) And during my waking hours today, I will pull out my programs’ exe disks and get it slowly set up.

For now – Day 27 was “She rallies …”

Day 28’s prompt is “She moves forward …”

Posting from my phone – so I can’t share my usual links to the other NaPoWriMo challenges. If you want them; grab the links from Friday’s post!

Now, excuse me; I’m going to treat my throat to hot lemonade a d burrow back unto the micro-fleece blankets in my bed. Thank God for cozy, nurturing beds!

(I’m gonna have to devine what the name of my new laptop is; it hasnt told me yet.)