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Friday’s poetry prompt is “reticeō  – (latin) Keep silent; leave unsaid”.

My sample of leaving something unsaid is October’s Question

October's Question by Ariel

Today I am sharing a poem from a follower on Reddit, SenorSmaySmay; they used the prompt from the 19th – flōs – and were very ambitious, the entire poem is all in Latin. Which is AWESOME!

Sum in meis flos, sed sum non perfectus.

Similis mare florium, muto et surgo.

Fluere sicut fluctus, amb vivere et mori.

Meus decus non est meis in species, sed in quae tempto facio.

Which translate to:

I'm in my flower, but I am not perfect.

Like the sea, flowers and still get up.

As the wave flow, amb life and death.

My honor is not my kind, but to try to do that.


It is 9 days until National Poetry Month and all the Poem-A-Day challenges. I have thought long & hard about his &  I will continue to offer a prompt a day but I will not be incorporating the daily prompts from the other various challenges; historically those links have not been used and waiting for everyone else to publish their links means mine gets posted last, I will, however, share the PAD challenges I find and give links o their home pages.

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