Sept 7th’s prompt is “Thank God it’s Friday “

AS the header states – I am rebooting my prompts.  I got too far behind, too many balls in the air …

Although the perfectionist in me insists I need to Ariels List Septembergo back & post all the days missed; the realists in me knows that it is a task I would never catch up on. I’m trying to be productive, trying to accomplish something, (anything really) without resources (I’m even out of fumes at this point).  Even my resources at home have been depleted (that’s what happens when I keep producing; everyone looks & enjoys but no one buys. Can’t replace what’s been used). Not even fumes left.

So … reboot & simplify.

Here would be a good time to re-plug that I have a Patreon account. And would appreciate some patrons. Sometimes I drop out because I get overwhelmed, sometimes it’s because my disabilities are too much a challenge for the day; sometimes I drop ou because there’s just not the physical resources available that day.

It would be great to buy paper, pens, pencils, toner, ISBN numbers, etc. I have my WordPress renewal fees coming up in 2 weeks and right now I don’t have the means to pay them. It’s taken all my daylight hours just to keep the basic utilities on for the rest of the day and for bus passes.  I can do without food; without internet … nope, absolutely need that!

And now that I have killed 4 hours trying to record an “Intro” video for my Patreon home page … let’s get this posted.

My archive of poetry prompts is here.

You know I’m all about the prompts!


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