Halloween!  And when dusk starts forming, I can’t wait for the neighborhood’s celebrants to take to the street!

I’ve been juggling a few things this month – and I’m not good at juggling the past few years. In fact, there is one “marathon” I had to run four times for my local poetry group, and after every conceivable obstacle, I think I actually have it done this Tuesday evening and off my plate. Trying to fulfill these commitments meant putting my Happy November planning on the proverbial back burner. Which meant I have not been a Happy pixy. … But for now, I am!
One thing that got cast to the wayside is me celebrating it being National Book Month for October. Since I am as addicted to books as I am Coca-Cola Classic, this omission is a serious “cry for help”.  It’s the last day – this book addict’s gotta poem ’bout some books!
Which segues into … the prompt for Wednesday, Oct 31 – is “your favorite monster”.
Today, in addition to stocking up on TOT candy (yes, even that too had to wait) for my favorite lil’ monsters – I will be searching out and selecting which November Poem-A-Day challenges I will be participating in. (Definitely Robert Lee Brewers NovPAD  . Definitely that one!  … But which others?)
I don’t even have clue yet on what to write for NaNoWriMo (I’m a prepper AND a plotter) or if I will even do it this year. I have four novels already that need fleshing out, editing,  revising – which I’m leaning toward doing instead. But … I know me. And I know I just have a hard time walking away and opting out of a good writing challenge. Maybe I’ll go by the “seat of my pants” and luck into another story for my Pacific NW Fairies series. All I know is right now – my October To-Do’s are DONE. And the world’s full of possibility yet again.
And CC is really insisting it’s time to do more Zentangles …

Hmmm – which monster poem should I share?

Last day of Halloween’s spooky fun … How about October’s Harvest? I don’t think I shared this one yet.

October's Harvest by Ariel

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