Day 16 – I know, I know. this is late – the day near-done for some of you.  But it is Monday, which is one of two weekdays that are heavily scheduled for me. So – I’m free now to spend time with you!

I am switching out my planned prompt for an image/concept that has been coming to the fore of my thoughts today; it has been “weighing” on me.

I was slipped a ring yesterday and it was not an anticipated nor (honestly) a welcomed gesture.  There is significance to THAT ring – no matter how downplayed – some expectations  – hopes – attached. I know its history. I don’t like that its gifting seems to dismiss my previous requests, I don’t like how it was given (surreptitiously, trying to sneak it onto my finger without my notice). I didn’t let it slip on – though I still have it. And it weighs. Warily. It talks. That”s not a healthy thing – especially as I am an empath. It follows me; I put is someplace for safe-keeping and it shows up in the next room I enter. Whatever I end up doing (likely hurting someone dear) –  it is tearing me up inside. So …

Today’s prompt is “the weight of metal”.

Do you have a metal object that is much heavier than it should be?

Perhaps you were given the crown to a troubled kingdom you can’t save. Perhaps you found you are holding the gun that killed your loved one. Maybe you were given a lucky coin – that brings misfortune to all around you.

Alternatively, how did having a mythic weapon effect our heroes? For example, what did the winning of Excalibur do to King Arthur? What did Joan of Arc think of the weight of her armor? What did Van Helsing think of the silver blades he carried as he hunted vampires?

Write your story.

And I’ll write mine …

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I did write a new double elvenies yesterday. Remember how I said it works great on “opposites”? Day/night? Hot/cold?

You … me?

Aad a little alliteration. Toss lightly. Serve …


I’m not sold on the title yet. Any suggestions?


Credit of Cover image goes to Ch4s7i7y’s Arthur’s Sword, posted on DeviantArt.. It best conveyed today’s mood.