Day 17 I have a good reason for being late-ish today. A great reason! I was poeming. That ABC poem from last Friday? – My muse decided what it really should consist of: and I’m mostly blind today so it took a while – and two devices – to type it out.

I’ll share it with you at the end of today’s offering.


Today’s prompt is “shared questions”.

Shared Questions is a format that poet Willy Wippor Willow, Jr  (Love, love, love her! My Bestie!) and I devised while still in high school. It is a collaborative endeavor – between two poets or two voices  – a conversation emerges with one poet posing a list of questions and the other answering (often in questions themselves). Using this Q&A approach, many personal, individual experiences take on a more universal meaning to life and to our roles in it.

Similar to Mondo or Sedoka forms – Shared Questions differs in that it tends to NOT be brief – being a conversation – and it tends to be about human nature – NOT the world of nature. (I can see I need to add these three forms I mention to my Poetry Forms page …)

My example …

Shared Questions

So grab a friend, a child, a lover and start questioning each other. Write those poems down.

There’s your poem.

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And my ABC poem this National Poetry Month? It too became a conversation – albeit, one=sided.




Image credit: NaPoWriMo official site