Hello again! One day left to go until Valentine’s. But I am going to do love poems all month. Have I mentioned it’s my birth month? In 9 days, I’m going to be thirty-something–ish.

Today’s poetry prompt is “laconic –  expressing much in a fewwords”…which is the beauty of poetry.

I think my best example of a poem that plays with being laconic is Hello. This is one of my rare love poems that is NOT a Tiger poem, this is from my Other Lovers collection.
Hello by Ariel

As CC Willow, I have uploaded some heart-themed cards and other Valentines Day products up on Vida. Made from bamboo fiber, these Valentine Cards are available in packs of 8 & 16. Available. Valentines Day cards include:

AAs Heart card pack Vida  AA’s Heart card pack 

Birds of a Feather card pack Vida  Birds Of A Feather card pack      single card

Hearts Explodin card pack Vida  Hearts Exploding card pack         single card

Fallin In Love card pack Vida   Fallin’ In Love card pack             single card

HeartVine 1 card pack Vida   HeartVine 1 card pack         single card

HeartVine 2 card pack Vida   HeartVine 2 card pack        single card

I LoveYou card pack Vida     I Love You card pack        single card

Patchwork Heart card pack Vida   Patchwork Heart card pack        single card

Spelling It Out For You card pack Vida   Spelling It Out For You card pack        single card

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