3/14 or 3-14. Or 3.14. <happy dance> It’s PI day.

I love incorporating science and math into the language of poetry. Today’s prompt is “Pi” ...  So write about Pi. Use it as a metaphor; it IS a constant in nature.  Share a memory of Pi. Write a persona poem including it.

Here’s a video to inspire you.

And if you need music to write to, here’s The Pi Song.  And a short ditty.

And if you are he more domestic sort – go ahead and use “Pie” instead.

And go ahead & eat pie today. I give you permission.

So here is where I often share a poem – and I have a good one today that incorporates science into the human condition …But I am often unhappy when I share as WordPress doesn’t allow line formatting such as indentions and spacing – which are often very integral to my poems, it’s part of the message..

So I am trying something new.. I am adding the poem as an image. (Let me know if you develop any inconvenient problems with me sharing this way.).

You know I often use tigers as a motif and metaphor in my love poems. I was excited a few years ago when it was announced that scientists had found the mathematical formula that genes use for determining stripes on certain animals. …


Determining Stripes