Day 6 of National Poetry Writing Month …

Continuing my SHE project, Apr 6’s prompt is  “She looks to herself …”

Today, for my SHE project, I pulled out my acrylics and painted a self-portrait.

I’ve been meaning to attempt a portrait for a month. Tuesday’s portrait of my sister was meant to be an oil – but then I realized I would be away from home. So it became a watercolor and was not nearly as forgiving a medium. Now I am out of oil. But I have been feeling a strong “push” o do a portrait and – after a thoroughly disheartening day – realized it should be a self-portrait. And in the process of looking at myself “objectively” am feeling much more forgiving of myself. And seeing the end result, really realizing the incredible progress I made, since Christmas, on doing faces and anatomy. (Thank YOU, Maryssa & Donna!)

By looking at myself, I could look past my obstacles and failures and start seeing my strengths. And I can look o myself for the tenacity and determination o survive. It even turned a “wallow on the couch” day into an evening of frightening and organizing. Which is helpful because I am at a point where I know the only hero to rescue me will be myself. So not only must I look at myself – I must look TO self-reliance, for salvation and acceptance.

And for my example today – I offer What was Locked Behind Glass…

What Was Locked Behind Glass by Ariel


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Happy Poetry Month!

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Image Credit: She Watches, oil by CC Willow