Today’s prompt is for those who like to cook …

Oct 4th’s prompt is “half her herb garden was for cooking; the other half could kill you.”.

I’m feeling a bit defeated today. so it’s time to lose myself in words & playing with words is good therapy. So I’m looking for something whimsical, a little dark humor.

Something like this poem that got started with the prompt “salt”  …

Salt by Ariel


I have my brief article on Albany’s Poet, T L Cooper due out soon in The Poetry Corner in Salem’s Statesman Journal (I thought the release date was Oct 3rd but can’t find it yet on the website) … The full article will be submitted soon to Salem Monthly.  If it posts on Stateman Journal Online today, I will add it to the links below.

This is my fourth article highlighting an Oregon poet. The previous articles are

Silverton playwright honed style as a published poet (Michael Townsend Smith

The bearded bard Clemens Starck will read his poetry Aug. 6

Sarah Hoggatt’s poetry seeks love’s way


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