Sorry for the extended absence; my health has been less than kind lately and it has had me in a downward spiral. It is all the external triggers that I can’t control – been hard to pull up &  get anything accomplished, even when consciously practicing self-care. And where my mood goes … so goes my e-devices, it seems. Pixy hasn’t been wanting to let me do more than 10 – 15 minutes of work on her each day; she freezes up or goes all schizoid when I hit an icon, hides and eats files.  Maybe I should have her exorcised instead of running all those anti-virus programs – anyone know any good catholic computer spells?

But baby-steps has gotten my prompt lists (both blog & Pinterest) finally compiled.  You know it’s really hard to come up with completely random phrases for two separate lists! … I took pity on myself this time and tweaked these from the poetry prompts I collected on Pinterest (you know, I’M ALL ABOUT THE PROMPTS! I squirrel away any good ones I come across; they’re my ‘treasure’ trove)

But I’m here, now. Let’s get caught up …

Wednesday, Aug 1st prompt was “I’m either going out for ice cream or to commit a heinous crime”.

Thursday, Aug 2nd prompt was “I don’t go looking for trouble, but I do enjoy befriending it”.

Friday, Aug 3rd prompt was “prophecy written in sharpie”.

Saturday, Aug 4th prompt was “a good thought this time”.

Today – Sunday, Aug 5th prompt is “you will notice only one of them”.

Actually, today’s was shortened from a longer prompt: “Nine terrible things will happen to you next week: you will notice only one of them”.

Seemed like a Negative Nellie thought to me (and I have enough of them lately. Trust me, I have no trouble noticing all TEN terrible events oncoming …) , so I shortened it. Made it more innocuous and I think more mysterious. So now  … what will I notice?  One ball out of a bin of multi-colored ones? The one spy I caught following me? That one wave that carries a surfer back to land? Who knows – but I like the direction of this one!

And that’s what you do with writing prompts – let them prompt you, let them whisper.  They have a secret message just for you if you listen closely. 

Well, the summer heat is rising and I need to close the house up, turn the fans on.

Oh … poem to share. Hmmm, how about Five Chimes?

Five Chimes

Before I go …

Listen – I really intended this web blog to be a conversation – between you and me. Not the one-sided conversation it has been. My subtle “calls to action” to get you to conversing with me haven’t worked, so let me be blunt – you’re important to me, I WANT to hear from you! I am soooo tired of my own company – Let me know YOU exist.

So this is my invitation TO YOU to join the conversation. Journey into writing poetry with me … leave me your thoughts and replies. What’s your take on these prompts? Are they working for you? Did you twist it your own? How? Did the prompt remind you of a poem you read somewhere?

I am very much a social creature – and pain/limitations have me home-bound most of the time now. I can’t go out to where you are as I used to – so, please, meet me here!