I’m home – let’s get this posted

Today – Monday, Aug 6th prompt is “that’s the sad thing – you did, once”.

What conversation did this fall from?

Perhaps “I’ll never learn this piece …”

Or “How can I resist you?”

or maybe even “I never stood a chance, did I?”

Youtube suggests the song “I know you” …

Which one pulls at your muse?


I am going to repost this last part from yesterday …

Listen – I really intended this web blog to be a conversation – between you and me. Not the one-sided conversation it has been. My subtle “calls to action” to get you to conversing with me haven’t worked, so let me be blunt – you’re important to me, I WANT to hear from you! I am soooo tired of my own company – Let me know YOU exist.

So this is my invitation TO YOU to join the conversation. Journey into writing poetry with me … leave me your thoughts and replies. What’s your take on these prompts? Are they working for you? Did you twist it your own? How? Did the prompt remind you of a poem you read somewhere?

I am very much a social creature – and pain/limitations have me home-bound most of the time now. I can’t go out to where you are as I used to – so, please, meet me here!