Got behind again – but for a good cause.  There have been some priority physical chores that I tackled (not alone) and that has left me exhausted and very sore.

Yesterday, I pushed it even more by going to my Mid Valley Poets Association meeting … we have some good stuff in the planning – including upcoming Poetry in Performance events for this year, a poetry reading at Gaiety Hollow on Apr 22 Earth Day (10 poets, I’m one of them), and a possible radio show we are developing a concept for.

I collapsed once I got home – but it was worth it!

So prompts ? …

March 9 was “National Unplug Day” so Friday’s prompt was “unplug”.

I unplugged – some – until I found out I needed an electrician. Yes, I ran straight into the arms of my BFF, Google! It was 4:30 so I ended up doing a 30 min call-a-thon trying to grab someone before their offices closed for the week.  Worked that phone!  … What the saying? “Best laid plans of mice & men …” Yeah  – THAT!

It’s getting a third of the way into March; St Patricks Day is coming up and the USA loves its St Patty’s! I think it’s time to “get in the mood” – celebrate my Irish roots. … and you know I like exploring the world of the Faire Folk and fantasy … so I set March 10’s prompt as “banshee“. If you don’t like banshee’s, just grab another creature from Irish folklore & write about it. I wanted Saturday to be a fun day writing about fantasySidhe – as I have had my fill of reality lately. 🙂

Continuing in that theme, Today’s prompt is “Irish” ... And although I am a mix of European descent, I have a great pride in my Irish & Scottish roots. They really resonate for me.  So this gives me a chance to pretend to be 100 % Irish poet for the day!

I did actually have a poem that won a prize in 2009 from one of Ireland’s poetry festivals. So let me share it …

(Taking it’s name from Ariel’s Irish ancestors, this explores a looking back from modern Irish emigrants. Or perhaps it is Ireland itself looking back and missing them? Whichever it is, it is meant to be read with an Irish lilt.)


Perhaps we lack our purpose
because we have moved too far away
from our natural rhythms, we center

our time around sitting
in an unnatural space
40 hours a week, telling ourselves

that a job made up is living
while our brains are hardwired
for hunting and gathering, for

raising the young that now we leave
with others, surprised at how we are
disconnected from our own lives.

I am sure our Eire would wonder
if her children have become pixie-led
by the bureaucratic English.

We should have stayed
with the Tuatha de Danann, climbed, hid
in the mists of Corrán Tuathail

nor should our children
have sailed away, seeking other lands,
seldom to return.

Eiru calls back to us at Galway
and Mayo, her face flashing then disappearing
against the fluorescent haze.