Today is International Women’s Day Today prompt is going to repet the question their website poses … “how are you going to push for progress?”.

Got involved last night/this morning on a political discussion/war on  Salem’s NextDoor app; a couple of people had posted some inflammatory anti=antifa propaganda regarding last Sunday’s rally here at Oregon’s capital and had included quite a bit of hate-filled lies. When I tried to counter their portrayals, they reported my responses. Did I let the attempt to silence me work? No. I pushed back – continuing educating our neighborhoods on what Real Antifa looks and sounds like.

And our NextDoor liaison? Let my previous postings stand! Saw nothing rude, disrespectful or inflammatory in them.

Now is time for women to be like General Leia Oregana* – a rebel, a warrior, in the battle and not on the sidelines ….

…time for yoga class to start; I will add my poem after. Hope we do the warriors pose today!