One of the duties in writing is “description” and one of the first few things we describe about a person or animal is hair.  So today’s prompt is “hair color”.

It is also one of the ways we identify ourselves, a persona we create each day. For myself, I strongly identify as a Redhead – and my dear friend, Gene, keeps it “Ariel Red”.

And on bad hair days, I’m wearing red – or blue, or purple or blond or… I have quite a wig collection as an actress! I can have my hair on any given day match my mood and/or whimsy!

Remember, it is National Black History Month. And as I often point out in my poems – humanity started in Africa; African Americans are the oldest siblings in our human family. While it is one of the few nationalities I don’t have, I am a staunch ally – these are my fellow citizens, neighbors & friends.  We must stand for and celebrate one another; America’s diverse population is our strength. (I must admit to being a little jeally of the rich tones in their hair, eyes & skin – Gorgeous!)

I have updated a few poetry collections yesterday and added some additional poems:

Hope to update the other collections his week. (I think I’m doing “housework” to procrastinate on my book-formatting. <blush>)