I’m out and about today, helping a friend. So posting today’s prompt from my phone…

Today, St Patrick’s Day, is a day of my people … if you count leprechauns as my ancestors! Although Im just as apt to claim the Sidhe and Faire Folk!

So rather than go with the cliche and trite prompts … Today’s prompt is “cabbage” …

I think that may be Irish enough for today – but if you insist on doing green beer, or shamrock, or blarney instead – go with it. Follow the whispers of your muse! Just poem!

I have a day of cleaning a wood floor just now – but I hope to catch the local Irish Band, Potatoe Famine.

April is Nation Poetry Month and the start of many Poem-A-Day (PAD) challenges.

My favorite? Robert Lee Brewer has done one the past decade(?) on his Poetry Asides blog over at Writer’s Digest. He posted the guidelines a few days ago in preparation of the 11th PAD Challenge. I’ll be sharing them here!

I will also be sharing NaPoWriMo’s (National Poetry Writing Month) daily prompts. They also are posting their preparation guidelines.

I’ll also be sharing The Poetry Schools PAD Challenge (if they have one this year). And any others I find …

Happy happy March! Showing love to the Irish & counting days down to the now global Poetry Month!

Erin go braugh!