So poems interpreting another art form, AKA Art or music, is termed as being ekphrasis and – yep – we are doing ekphrastic poem all this holiday month as the days get colder and frozen.

Hallalujoh lyricsYou know the majority of my poems are Chasing Tiger or poems of unrequited love, One song that always gets me in the mood is “Hallelujah”.  Today’s prompts is “your faith was strong but you needed proof”. Here are the lyrics from Google; credit goes to Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

Now I admit this song can cause some controversy; many people are adamant that the authentic version is Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah swearing it best describes everybody’s heart in such s mood. But I steadfastly part of the camp that believes the more honest version is Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah – it certainly embodies how I feel when I think of my Beloved, a quiet mournful celebration.

It is one of the few songs I actually have memorized and one that I can listen to on a loop all day- And the rare times I audition for musicals, it is one of two l songs I use – my singing technique is poor – but I can nail the “soul” in this song and that gives me a good shot of being cast.

And – having the soul of this song resonates so deeply with mine  – it should be no surprise I have more than 6 poems that are inspired by this music.

Most of them written to my Tiger.

This particular song was a NovPAD poem from  2012. The prompt was to write a poem about the next random song on the radio – for me that was Hallelujah.

Random Song by Ariel

It’s one of those days when I am fighting my e-devices, So I’m pushing send on this prompt






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Cover image provided by NaNOWriMo 2018.