Headed downtown because it is the day to switch out exhibits!

Today’s prompt is “taking down art”

Salem Art Walk today but I’m keeping a low profile today. Sill having issues with occasional blindness during the day – and I don’t like being out in public when that happens. I just feel too vulnerable. My doctor referred me to a neurologist soon – hope they can find the cause because this has gotten damn inconvenient.

There is the Last Friday Poetry Group this evening at The Book Bin  – I usually miss it because it’s the same time as the Salem Art Walk. But I may catch it tonight; sitting while blind isn’t so annoying as standing when blind and not knowing where anything is, <grin> I’m pretty familiar with the inside of a book store! Especially that one.

(Incidentally, I will be reading at the June Last Friday Poetry Group with the Moments Before Midnight poets! At at the Ike Box the night before, I will be the Featured Poet – sharing my erotic poems.)



Want to look up past prompt? Maybe one of my past Pinterest “Ariel’s List”?

I’ve made it easy for you. You can find them in my archive on my Poetry Prompts page.

My ride is due here any minute!