Happy Monday – Let’s start this week off right.

It’s said to be successful and effective, you need to start the day off doing the most uncomfortable tasks first, the ones you would have wasted time in order to sidestep.

Sept 24th’s prompt is “write what you wished you had said” .

As an intuitive poet, I frequently let my unconscious be my muse, let the poem be it’s path to a voice. As such, much of what I know – what I say – first is expressed as a poem.

The ones I resist the most- the ones I want to ignore –  are the most insistent to be given form. And the ones I need the most. So I don’t allow myself the luxury of sidestepping them. I am a poet; I have a duty to write the poems that come. So, yes, a number of my poems are things I didn’t want to say. These poems are my uncomfortable in their brutal truths; they are not pretty prose.  They are cacti I end up sitting on, the glass I walk on barefoot.

But it is imperative I write the uncomfortable poems – because the poem contains a truth I need to hear. And accept. My history has shown me that I need to be aware of those quiet parts; those quiet areas are where any sabotage originate. So the way to heal is to write. And to read. And to accept. Reflect. Ponder. Decide on a solution.

And then I share – even those poems that leave me raw & vulnerable, or expose me as at my worst – because …

These poems contain some universal message in them. I’m not the only one experiencing the situation; it really isn’t such a unique situation, Depression lies when it tells me that I am alone, unworthy of connecting. And If I needed the poem to survive, others too may need it just as much. As someone wise once said – we all are just walking each other home.

This poem I am sharing today was a hard piece to write – mainly because I was struggling with living in a reality I was simultaneously actively denying.  I have spent a lifetime being self-sufficient  & the loss of my preventive healthcare resulted in disabilities rapidly escalating beyond my ability to function. It was easier to blame myself for “forgetting” rather than say “I was unable”?

Have you ever been in that spot? A time when its easier to say “I intentionally failed” rather than say ‘I attempted and utterly failed”? Failure is not a creature I am very familiar with; not a creature I like living with. I preferred my self-sufficiency.What Goes Unsaid by Ariel

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