Today’s post is going to be short & sweet, as Monday has used up all my metaphorical spoons. 

But it is a prompt that is applicable to almost all poets. Including myself.

Sept 25th’s prompt is a Hunter S Thompson quote …”I measure my life in pages”.

I have written(to date)  2,588 poems during my total 18,842 days of life – YEP, I measure MY life in pages.

Pages are also a good indicator of my relationships; those that mean the most to me have spawned a dearth of pages, the lesser relationships may be documented in only a page or three.

I wrote a piece a few years back – in a time when my mind was on a similar path, measuring a relationship in words.

Why They Sopped Printing Dictionaries by Ariel


If you are a poet and you DON”T measure your life in pages … WHAT do you measure it in?

Tell me. I really want to know.

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