It’s Monday – but let’s have some fun …Grab the nearest book & go to page 22. Find the first sentence of the last paragraph on that page – Use it as the first line of your poem.

Take the next line from the next page. And the next line from the page after that …

Share what you create.

Here’s my take on this  …

The book I had on hand is A Delicate Balannce, ascript by Edward Albee.

a delicate balance

leave me to last; a breeze might rise and stir the ashes
agnes thought it was better. that it would be –
if you forgive me, claire – common practice.

how sad does that make you?
once you drop … you can always come back up part way
i was supposed to go on, you know, say how bad i was

what an odd glass? what i cannot stand
is the selfishness – those of you who want to die
and take your whole life doing it

if we are to live here
if we are asked at our father’s dying
it is her home

we are her parents, the two of us
and we have our obligations to her
i have reached an age – probably –

i’d close her up in a room, make her sit in my lap
quite possibly … love and error.
“love” is not the problem

she’s coming home, i’m afraid.



Poinsetta by CC Willow
Poinsetta by CC Willow

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