I’m sitting, sipping a little Daydreamer tea that fellow poet, TL Cooper gifted me. My laptop, Pixy,  is still not charging up – so I have been using the desktop PC, MyLady, that rests on my bedroom desk. The hub of the home’s network, she doesn’t get much keyboard action but she usually is very active multi-tasking despite being quiet – a lot like me.   But the past few days we have been spending time together and I forget how cozy it can be to hide out in my purple room. I have a deep plum candle dancing, cushy lil’ cushion for my tushie, a cat purring at the foot of the bed, a fluffy blanket still warm from the dryer. Very safe, very secure …

Too safe. Too secure.  So let us again embrace the dark ofScare yourself quote October. Time is counting down to all-Hallows Eve.

I gave a hint at this earlier on Twitter; The Oct 18th’s prompt is “scare yourself”

If you need help – here is 13 ways.

When I wrote checklist: fresh applesauce, I ended up scaring myself.  It was during 2017’s NaPoWriMo – and I wanted to combine all three PAD challenge prompts that day into a single poem, one of them being “applesauce”. So I thought I could use the checklist form to create a recipe poem – I make my own applesauce sometimes from my apple trees – and I figured it would be easy to add in some alliteration & assonance. Started playing with the “P” sounds – and then my muse started playing with the knives – and, well, this happened …

Checklist: Fresh Applesauce by Ariel

Hope you enjoyed it!.

So November is coming up fast; I really look forward to the November Poem-A-Day challenges that get offered Some years I have done as many as seven (which means seven different poems a day) but my minimum is at least three. I also, the past 4 years, been participating in the NaNoWriMo Challenge.

Last year, like other PAD months (Aprils’ & Novembers’) I posted the sundry links every day on my blog … which meant a late posting because “they” had to post their prompts first before I could share the link.

But now I have been doing my own Poem-A-Day prompts …

So I need to make a decision & I hope you can help me decide. I have two polls going –  one on Twitter & one on Facebook. Vote and let me know which you prefer. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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