Day 13


Last night’s Moments Before Midnight poetry reading was fun – one of the highlights is when my Facebook friend, C. Steven Blue, performed his “# (hashtag) Not My President” to a drumbeat.

And the Open Mic portion was wonderful! I love it when a poet steps up to the mic for the first time. And the way they stand in relief when they hear the appreciation of a listening audience.


 Today’s prompt is to write your own  “ABC’s of …”.

Write an abecedarian poem …  Which is simply an (ancient) poetic form guided by alphabetical order. Related to the acrostic, each line or stanza begins with the first letter of the alphabet and is followed by the successive letter until the final letter is reached.

So write your passion in the basic building codes of your language: The Lapidarian ABC’s, the ABC’s of Frisbee Golf,  The ABC’s of Your Skin …

I think I’m taking the last one as today’s endeavor … I’m been remembering the feel of someone’s skin.



Other PAD challenges are …

I have uploaded my Pinterest “Ariel’s List” for April if you want to use those.

Want to look up a past prompt?  Maybe one of my past Pinterest “Ariel’s List”?

I’ve made it easy for you. You can find them in my archive on my Poetry Prompts page.

Hmmm. what to offer today? Well, I mentioned poeming about skin …


Skin Not Paper