You know those times you day-dream – wondering how the people in your life would react if you died. Maybe it starts in adolescence (or pre-adolescence), that thought ” They’ll be sorry when I die!”  … it’s a pretty universal daydream.

Well, us poets actually write those morbid musings down.  So go ahead …

The Oct 12th’s prompt is “I’ll Kill You” “Darling, I’m already dead”

I actually have a number of them; I started writing poetry at age eight. And by now I have gotten pretty adroit at the “I’m dead” poems. Seems childhood trauma is good for many things …like leaving a deep well of intense emotions to mine from.

I think this one is the likely the eeriest one I’ve written along that theme. I started with the prompt “doesn’t feel too much different …”.

Advice From One Before by Ariel

{IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are suicidal – please don’t die. It’s one thing to imagine it; quite another to actually make it happen. The world insisted on you being in it for a reason. Call someone for help; you may not realize it (depression is SUCH a lier) but there are many people who want you alive & well. Call a parent, a sibling, a friend, a child, your doctor. Someone – anyone.]

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