We went juvenile, now let’s go adult …

The Oct 13th’s prompt is “use the first line of a nursery rhyme as the first line of a dark narrative.”

It’s a bit amazing how a sound – a story, a song, a line – can take us back to a moment of comfort, or relaxation or fear.

About 10 years ago, I was having a bad reaction to some post-operative meds; specifically, it was given me some pretty scary dreams – like psychotic murdering penguins wielding knives.  So I started avoiding sleep – which isn’t good for healing. My brother gifted me the soundtrack to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang … and I found my brain relaxes me completely when I listen to “Hushabye Mountain”. Yes – Hushabye Mountain conquers homicidal penguins! Which meant I could start watching Mary Poppins with my kids again.

And write Mary Poppins poems.  And Chitty Chitty Bang Bang poems. And Sleeping Beauty poems, Red Riding Hood poems, Big Bad Wolf poems. Etc, etc, etc.

Which in 2016 led to this …

(Trigger warning: can cause flashbacks to recent Kananaugh hearing. The ending is very blunt.)

The Huntsman by Ariel


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