Yesterday, Dec 12th ended up biding a “no-device” Day; I took an early morning art webinar which, apparently, ended up eating all of Pixy’s battery juice. And then she wouldn’t charge up all day. And the more time I spent trying to fix her, the more devices went off-line and powered off.

Art Journal cover by CC Willow

Now – I am usually one to not give up; I power through, tenaciously work out the glitches, don’t let obstacles dissuade me … but I have mentioned that December hits me hard. So, I left Pixy plugged in – hopefully charging – let the SLIDing ‘win’ and turned my attentions elsewhere.

Like actually trying the art technique I learned that morning! I grabbed my art journal – more specifically I grabbed the front cover (I’ve been wanting to do something with it!_ Pulled out supplies, reverse-printed out a poem and… !!! right arow

Being a frustrating day yesterday’s song was Lindsey Stirling’s “Something Wild”.  From Pete’s Dragon, there’s some wicked violin in this song. Today’s prompts is “Chase the sky into the ocean, that’s when something wild calls you home“. 

It’s National Poinsettia Day … So perfect day to go holiday with Elmo & Patsy’s “Percy the Puny Poinsettia”   Today’s prompts is “Even a plant, with no uncle or aunt …“. 

And you know I’m gonna include the lyrics for you to play with … I’m all about the prompts! Yeah, Baby!

Something Wild lyrics

Percy the Punt Poinsettia lyrics













The poem that peeks through the bottom half of yesterday’s piece is “A FairyWonders …

A Fairy Wonders cropped



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Cover image provided by NaNOWriMo 2018.