Happy Human Right’s Day!

Don’t just defend your Human Rights; put yourself out there for defending others’ rights as well, As the saying goes “Together we stand; Divided we fall.”

Yesterday’s fire-side poetry was fun and I really enjoyed listening to Jean read her poetry. She even introduced me to the delightfully irreverent poems of Bo Burnham. I am very tempted to make it a Weekly Sunday event.

Right Here Waiting lyricsLet’s go back to the eighties today and take our prompt from Richard Marx “Right Here Waiting”.  Today’s prompts is “I hear the laughter, I taste the tears“. 

Here are the lyrics from Google; credit goes to Warner Chappel Music & BMG Rights Management.












Today’s music-inspired poem is “Build 3, Room 116” from my Waiting Room collection. The countdown to dreaded Dec 16 continues … and Bldg 3, Room 116 was where my late hubby & I met.

Building 3 Room 116 by Ariel





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Cover image provided by NaNOWriMo 2018.