It becomes more and more clear to me that the laws of physics just get wrapped around me.

How else can I explain that merely aspiring to do a thing cancels out any natural law that would enable me to accomplish it? My computer works fine … for the unimportant stuff. But try to blog, or write, or market art/poetry and my computer becomes a full-fledged Wonderland experience complete with the “Off with her head” screaming in the dark and talking caterpillars.

I tried posting yesterday – could get every page to work except WordPress, Vida & RedBubble. The experience was replicated on all my devices – laptop, desktop, phone. I suspect this is part of my SLID  disorder; just wish science will find the “why” behind it so I can side-step it.  Today is a little better – but I am tired as heck from staying up too late trouble-shooting web-pages.  Three hours of sleep. Not nearly enough these days.

Sunday’s prompt you can probably guess; it was “Father’s Day”. 

Today’s prompt is “favorite childhood book”. I’ll probably go Seussical on this – although one of my favorite books I read as a child was “Lord Of the Rings” and it has been one of my favorites’ since.

And because this computer issue has been pretty consistent … let’s post Tuesdays early! It ‘s is a Hemingway quote”write hard and clear about what hurts” Interesting piece of trivia about me – I have collected quotes as far back as I remember, I have boxes filled with them.

And lets add an optional prompt – because I’m still being pressed each day into writing a political piece about the current deplorable happenings in the USA – There’s conversation right now about USA breaking up families of immigrants & asylum-seekers; placing children in concentration camps on the southern border and shipping the parents off to facilities in faraway states.

What do you need to say about that?

Well – I better go because my ‘puter is acting weirder than the March Hare on a bad acid trip! And the people around me are surely tired of hearing me curse it out.