Okay – hand’s healing slowly and while I haven’t been able to access my ‘puter much, I have been making progress on next week’s art projects, formatting chapbooks and rehearsing for June 28th’s poetry reading. So some successes despite some setbacks.

I will try again to get prompts posted the night before. For some reason, it is late evening when I am able to access WordPress.  So, without further ado …

Wednesday’s June 20th prompt was “how you handle a rainy day”. 

Today, June 21’st prompt was “why is there a shoe in the road?”. 

Friday, June 22nd is “only 20 words for the rest of your life ” Something strange has happened and your vocabulary has gone down to only 20 words – and you can’t reverse it. What twenty words do you have? And how do you use them?

I had hoped to have my Bits of Cyn poetry book ready for next Thursday Bits of Cyn poetry … It’s going to take a little longer. Again, It’s due to ‘puter log-in issues. I can only work through them; trying to steam-roll my way past them have only resulted in more delays.

Hope to see you tomorrow night!