Valentines’s Day. Birthday of Oregon, my favorite grandmother and of my beloved …

So today’s  prompt is “Tiger”.

A fine day for chasing tigers …. at least on paper.

Naturally, have to use my poem & graphite – both titled Following Tiger as today’ cover. (BTW Chasing Tiger & Following Tiger image available on RedBubble).

You can write tigers, or chasing, or love, or unrequited love, or anti-love. of

and let’s tack on one of my earliest “Chasing Tiger” poems …

Taken In

I was told
following Tiger
takes you into the jungle.

Yes, that is where you take me,
somewhere wild and humid –
Deep among vines
and pungent orchids,
and I am not safe.

Though I do not particularly wish to be there
there is something intoxicating,
addictive in the experience.

I am drawn back
time and time again for yet another taste.