Steampunk Ball was last night & it has taken some time this morning to recuperate from that.

I may have shared in the past that I suffer daily from quite a bit of agoraphobia since 2016; it’s one of the challenges I deal with. The more I isolate myself the more intense it gets; This is why I don’t do as many open mics as I had in the past.  To counter this – I try to get out at least once a day, let my heart race and jump into my throat.  Because otherwise … I miss the best parts of my life – my community.
Thank God for Xanex! And thank god for being Head Kitchen Wench last night for the Ball, which allowed me to hide out when the xanex alone wasn’t cutting it. The evening was a splendiferous time and my favorite band, Farabella had just reformed and was there.
Okay – back to our regularly scheduled programming …
Prompt for Friday, Oct 27 – is ““What the Heck is that?” “my cat” “Cats don’t have eight legs”” ”.
Besides my agoraphobia, I have always, ALWAYS had a phobia about spiders.
One of my worst experiences was visiting a zoological lab at San Jose and, without warning me first, the lab technician placed a large tarantula on my arm. AND. IT. STARTED. CRAWLING. TOWARDS. MY FACE. ohMYGodOhMyGodOhMyGod. I was so paralyzed with fear. And there was my whole elementary class staring at me.
Now I know some people like spiders as pets (clearly signs of an unbalanced mind (IMHO). I recall my two sons finally showing me a pet they had been enjoying for two weeks … it was a poisonous hobo spider.
For those of you interested, I offer this article “How to Keep Spiders as Pets“.  Note in Step 2 it suggests “f you live with your parents or roommates, make sure that everyone in the household agrees to house the spider.” – I highly recommend this step
My offering for the day:
Missed Connections by Ariel

Now to go write my poem from the prompt …

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