Day 7 of 30 in our 2018 NaNoWriMo & November Poem-A-Day (NovPAD) challenges. And … day after midterms.

Today is National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day  – did you know that40% of the world’s almonds end up in chocolate? There are many different candies that feature almonds – although the only one I can’t thank of today is “Mounds” Is “turtles” made with almonds …  or is it just pecans? Well – Let’set today’s NovPAD prompt as ““40%”.

Posting late, I have access to Brewer’s  2018 PAD Challenge, prompt for the day. Day 7’s prompt is to write a poem with an occupation as the title.

ForPoetry Potion’sPoem-A-Day Challenge,  Day 7’s prompt is “the owl and the goat”


Yesterday got away from me; pain and other distractors. But I did get a lovely wine time with fellow poet, TL Cooper in the afternoon. And she gave me some feedback on this Monday PAD poem. So here is  (slightly edited) draft of “roadside”…Roadside by Ariel


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Cover image provided by NaNOWriMo 2018.