Today is “Faux Fur Friday”.

And as a big fan of fake fur – It seems like a great way to start the month. Comfort and warmth – and no lives taken. No lives wasted …

So I offer “faux fur” for your writing today. And mine.


This is what evolved from the prompt for me ….

faux fur

and, really, i wear fake skin already,
vivid pelts of plant and chemicals
to cover my nakedness;

i paid for them
so if i say it’s “mine”, well …
my labor, my existence

and i won’t insist that another die
that i may be warm and comfortable,
my day doesn’t need to be tallied up in bounties;

there are too many
that view other lives as just cattle;
objects to be devoured, parceled out for cash

nothing’s human to them,
nothing too sacred to feed upon, they want to drink
from skulls like prehistoric hunters

but i gather – human, feline and canine –
under my roof; share my bed and my fire
i have even included snakes, rats and rabbits …

so, yes, the full-length “mink” in my walk-in
is acetate & dye, not torture & die; it will keep
me warm and comfortable when the snows fall.