Day 8

Today I am sharing a fun process to compose a poem – building a “chain”

My PAD prompt is …”chain”

Look through your notebook for an orphan line — one that never found its way into a poem. It should be a line that resonates with you, that tugs. This will be your first line.

For your second line, you can write something else that tugs – anything 0 thing, but include one word from the first line. This is your first “link”.

Your third line should include one word from the second line; This is your second “link”.And so on. In every line, you should pluck just one word from the line above until your poem reaches the end of your “chain” and you feel it is complete.

Other PAD challenges are …

I have uploaded my Pinterest “Ariel’s List” for April if you want to use those.

Here’s my poem from yesterday’s prompt … Safe to say – it’s another Tiger poem.

awarkward moments


Want to look up a past prompt?  Maybe one of my past Pinterest “Ariel’s List”?

I’ve made it easy for you. You can find them in my archive on my Poetry Prompts page.