Friday’s prompt …

Let’s go with “charmolypi – joy-making sorrow,a mixed feeling, a mixed feeling of happiness while being sad”.

It ‘s still Thursday as I write this  – and as soon as I chose this prompt for Friday, the following poem came to me.

My husband passed away a little over 8 years ago – heart attack -and as I had promised, as soon as he ‘had left the building’, his body went into the operating room to harvest needed organs. A week later I got a letter of gratitude; they were able to harvest 96 donations that went out to various needs. Literally,  my husband is scattered throughout the world.

And, yet, I often forget. He’s gone. What was him is gone…tho’, honestly, it feels like he visits me in the rarest of moments.  But not near often enough.

Well here is life after our death

Life After Your Death by Ariel


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