Saturday’s and Valentine’s Day less than a week away. Which means I have an announcement after the poem today …

For today’s prompt, I’m going with “hypnagogic – the state immediately before falling asleep”.

And, yes, I used to write love poems to my husband – my Grizzly – as well.


Moon & Arrin by Ariel

ANNOUNCEMENT: You hear it here first, haven’t even shared it on Facebook or Twitter yet …

As CC Willow, I have uploaded some heart-themed cards and other Valentines Day products up on Vida. Made from bamboo fiber, these Valentine Cards are available in packs of 8 & 16. Available. Valentines Day cards include:

AAs Heart card pack Vida  AA’s Heart

Birds of a Feather card pack Vida  Birds Of A Feather

Hearts Explodin card pack Vida  Hearts Exploding

Fallin In Love card pack Vida   Fallin’ In Love

HeartVine 1 card pack Vida   HeartVine 1

HeartVine 2 card pack Vida   HeartVine 2

I LoveYou card pack Vida     I Love You

Patchwork Heart card pack Vida   Patchwork Heart

Spelling It Out For You card pack Vida   Spelling It Out For You

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