It is nearing my birthday – so I am getting a bit personal on the prompts …

 Today’s  prompt is “purple” – my favorite color and very wrapped in meaning to me.

And in your writing, go for any shade of purple!

This is …

(Note, there are line indents in the second stanza of this poem that WordPress will not display)

I am amethyst & silver,
malleable & adaptive;
a creature both of air & water

If I were a bird, I would be a silver seagull
living on the cusp
of land & ocean’s roar.
Land-based, a dark swimming panther
mindful of the prowl of ‘gator.
In the city I hunt for the pulse of life –
the purple heat of the heat and Cyn.
Home in the forest, I seek
waterfalls and comfort silence of fern –
Quick running, I leap before I look;
impulse is living on pride as a rook.