This is late – but Friday – except for the evening – was a terrible, horrible, not-good day/. Obstacles kept popping up through the day with painful consequences.  And I still have those bouts of temporary blindness – that happen more and more when I am frustrated, Which left me stranded on some city streets.

And, despite having my laptop with me – I was never anyplace that had access to the internet to allow me to post.

The day ended on a high note, however; I backed up some lemon bread & a poet-friend and I started watching Terry Pratchett/Neil Gaiman’s series “Good Omens” – which was very funny.

Today’s prompt  should be familiar to Harry Potter fans; it is – cruciātus – torture, severe or mental pain”  which aptly described the day part of my Friday ….” It seemed more Friday the 13th than Friday the 31st!

Now let’s get Saturday’s prompt up!

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