And talking about the Hound of Hell ….
Let’s make him our Thursday’s prompt ‘s – Cerberus

What’s it like being Hades dog? Does he take him for walks? Ever play ball with him? Do any of the heads get jealous or annoyed with each other? Is there anyplace to drink other than the River Styx? Does Persephone give better cuddles?

Thursday was D- Day. So you could write about that. Or if you had a relative in World War 2, you could write an ode or an elegy to them. My Grandfather Vivianne Jamison was “over there”and I still have some of his journals.

June 6 also was

I shared a month ago that I was the chairperson for the poetry competition at this year’s Oregon State Fair. Alas – yesterday I stepped down from that position. I have been too ill with this virus to meet the prep work deadlines and it needed an able-person to shepherd it through.

I still encourage Oregonian’s to submit their poetry!

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Photo credit: Hercules and Cerberus. Oil on canvas, by Peter Paul Rubens 1636 from the Prado Museum