This past year I have had the privilege to have some of my poetry included into Amalie Rush Hill’s Social Justice poetry anthology. I submitted quite a few a poems a year ago May … Accepted, I was one of 26 poets included in the now titled anthology “Moments Before Midnight”. April 2018 saw it published and available, and Bob Hill Publishing has had us poets do a number of MBM readings = including the one two nights ago.

It has been a great experience. And has given me face-time with the other MBM Warrior Poets, who have the same concerns & conclusions I have on the current state of the United States and our role in history. Like me, they see an immediate need to voice a protest. We poets – as a conscience to our generations – keep sharing how we feel an overwhelming need to document this period; our muses demand we use Our Voice.

In May, the call for submission came out again. And yesterday I got the welcoming news that four of my poems will be included in the upcoming sequel to Moments Before Might.  Further good news – one of my peers from the Salem Poetry Project, Alvaro  – who joined us at the Corvallis MBM reading – is joining our MBM Warrior Poets Family; his work will be included in the upcoming anthology!  I am so excited!

Prompts …

Today’s, Sunday Aug 12th prompt is  “it’s crazy how one person can make you feel a thousand different ways ” …

This may be a loved one. It may be a child, a parent. Heck, it could be a character in a book, as you follow along on their daily life.

Or perhaps you want to write about that one “crazy person in your life. I watched a video a few days ago and was astounded when the speaker said his father would shoot flies with a BB gun … in … the … house! That seemed like the actions of a lunatic to me! Even crazier – he wouldn’t miss!

Heck, it doesn’t even have to be a person – real or imagined. It could be an object you have complicated feelings for. No, I don’t mean sexually.

Although … Mechanophillia, anyone? Not that far a distance from Technophile to Technosexuasl?) Perhaps there’s another kink you want to poetically explore? My inner fairy thinks these would be fun subjects to write a whimsical tongue-in-cheek ode about.

Or perhaps there is a food dish that pulls up nostalgic memories for you? (I’m thinking of the scene in Disney’s Ratatouille when the Feared Food Critic tastes the homey ratatouille ,,,) I, myself, have pretty complicated feelings about veal; I can’t eat it since the one time my mother tried to pass liver off as it. *shudders* And now that I know it is baby cows … Why? Dear God, Why?

What does your muse whisper in your ear?


And that prompt leads me to think about my Tiger – who inspires far too many emotions …

How I Wait For You

Happy poeming!