Sorry, folks, I fell down a few rabbit-holes. I came up against a deadline on my Cherry Blossom Festival art project, so I had to get hyper-focused. And then, as a result of that hard push, my body pushed back hard. Yesterday was a blur and many unintended naps – I would start building my March prompts and then wake up with “keyboard face”.

I hope to get those lists done today … and post the belated prompts…

Let’s get back on that horse;  I believe yesterday’s was “World Book Day” (I love books!) I love book-lovers!)  So write a persona poem as your favorite book – may be a fan letter to you the reader.

Or maybe write a poem to one of the characters. There are so many ways to play with this.

Today’s prompt is “Minnesota”. (I try to throw in a few place prompts).  Maybe you visited there – maybe you never have.  Why? Perhaps some you admire is from there – Isn’t Laura Ingalls Wilder from there? -how did it shape them? However you use this prompt will be the right way. Go with it. Plau with it. Maybe your Minnesota poem won’t be about Minnesota at all – prompts are starting points, that first step out the door.

As for me –  CC Willow has detail work on the parasol to finish. …

And Dave Wilson, Designer Goldsmith has extended my show through March!