Day 10 of National Poetry Writing Month … We are officially a third of the way to winning.

I am trying to stay “in the moment” this month- keeping myself open to the promptings of my muse so she can play with any prompt or whimsey. This includes even painting. So I was thinking of painting an abstract today – but CC Willow wasn’ invested in it – And then I saw a photo from many years ago of a doe that wandered into our camp with her fawn … and CC Willow got her aha moment & Ariel got her prompt …

Continuing my SHE project, Apr 10’s prompt is  “She protects …”. 

My sample today of a “protection” poem is On Being a ‘Lady’  (from my Living Under 45 collection) – all about self-protection and women defining who and what they are. This was created during NaPoWriMo 2015.

On Being A Lady by Ariel

Other Poem-A-Day (PAD) Challenges available this month:


Happy Poetry Month!

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Image Credit: She Watches, oil by CC Willow