Yesterday was a “one-step forward, three-steps back” day:  I knew my physical self would have a push-back from two demanding days in a row. But  February’s art showing was too good an opportunity to pass up! So  First Wednesday happened. And Thursday’s myriad appointment’s and events happened … until 2:30 pm. And then I unintentionally slept & slept & … you get the ideaThere are times Ariel must take a step-back for CC Willow to exist, and times when CC must take the wings to Ariel.  Fortunately, the good days are starting to out-pace the useless days. Progress!

Still … much I still want to get accomplished, like the poetry prompts.I’m all about the prompts!

Let’s get caught up, shall we? Yesterday’s  prompt was  “just before dawn“. Atmospheric!

And, in preparation for next week’s Day of Love – today’s prompt is “no one eats alone”.  As a single, I often eat alone, and that’s not a bad thing. I cook only to please myself … and the black & white who has decided she is my official taster. I’m assuming she doesn’t want the Royal Rebel poisoned. <giggling>. That said – there are many reasons to eat alone and many reasons not to.

Perhaps you invited someone to sit down with you at school and made a life-long friend? Maybe the new kid was being excluded?

Perhaps an Alt-Right & Alt-Left sit down to share some bread?

I’m also reminded of a certain historic protest where some people sat at a lunch counter on July 25, 1960 in Greensboro … Because separate is NOT equal.

Or perhaps a society member is being shunned … except at meal-times because the community is too important a connection to sever?

Maybe a pack of lionesses decide to share their meal?

Explore them. Poem them.

I’m not sure yet how I will use this prompt … My muse is whispering ‘tho…


I have some home repairs to do today – and a little hustling – but I have two poetry collection webpages that I want to finish adding more poems to & updating. for you

So far I ‘ve got the following updated this past week:

I’ve still got Bits of Cyn & Lady Pixy for today.  (or tonight …)