Today starts National Black History Month (why do we only set aside 28 days for this?) And I must admit many of this month’s prompts will be based on that theme. I am a strong advocate for diversity; it has always been a strong foundation for the United States and now we are back-sliding into racism and xenophobia again.

Today’s prompt is “freedom from slavery” –

And I am still reminded that America is not free from slavery – we have a too-high incident of African Americans in the penal system, some convicted just on the base of their skin, some given unreasonably harsh sentences for light misdemeanors just on the basis of their skin. and then the penal systems contract their inmates out to companies for below-living wages – most they garnish for “living wages”. Slavery.

And there is an upswelling of white supremacy again that is insisting that minorities and females should only be paid a less-than -livable wage. They want a workforce desperate that they can make large profits from – that plantation-based work model.

I am also reminded that there is still slavery taking place in America – albeit illegally and undercover. Household or factory workers brought into our country and then having their legal documents with-held from them. Young people conned and pressed into sex-slaves.

They say “Do the best you can. And when you know better, do better.”

Those who don’t remember the past are doomed to repeat it. Those who aren’t aware of the present are unable to improve it. Let’s not forget.

I have posted the Print version of February’s Ariel List to Pinterest. It took some finagling, but I think I got it out “The Land of Mordor” and into the virtual world. 🙂

The blog’s List I shall reveal throughout the month; no peeking!

It is also available on my Poetry Prompts page … I’m all about the prompts!