October has now started AND I do plan on playing with spooky monstrous prompts this month.  I love Halloween almost as much as Americans love their coffee. Almost, but not quite as much. For coffee is not a yearly indulgence nor a monthly one – not even a daily one – but an hourly indulgence.

Given what today is, I am waiting until tomorrow for the supernatural, freaky prompts. Today is International Coffee Day – Celebrate as you see fit (It probably will ingesting all things coffee-flavored. I’m sure there will be plenty of freebies available for all your local dealers baristas.

Oct 1st’s prompt is “coffee ”.

I am not a coffee lover – it tastes just like burnt beans to me and burnt beans are one of my least favorite flavors.  But coffee has spawned some wonderful community ideas over the centuries – one of which is morphed into the modern coffee houses – homey relaxed dens that draw creatives, musicians artist & poets together in cozy armchairs and pastries.

As such, coffeehouses do inspire and show up in some of my poetry. (I adore such pockets of community!) Especially those documenting nightlife of Oregon.

And even into my erotica …

Coffee, erotic poem by Ariel



I have compiled my prompts for October. You can get my Pinterest October list here. My list for the blog only gets revealed daily here in this blog.  My archive of blog’ poetry prompts is here.

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You know I’m all about the prompts!


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