I am doing a little detour from spooky prompts today for history. And I believe we need to look at history to learn from it.

Today is a day USA “celebrates” Columbus “discovering” America. America’s relationship with Christopher Columbus has gotten complicated – a balancing act between a pride of our early explorers which lead to the “colonization of America” and the knowledge that it said colonization decimated the civilizations that existed there before, the various genocide of the First People.

Yet before there was “Chris”, there was Leif Erikson.  Son of Erik the Red, believed to have arrived in The New Land before Columbus did.

So for Leif Erikson Day, the Oct 8th’s prompt is “Leif Erikson”.

Even tho’ there are plenty of stories told about him, I’m sure there are plenty more that can be written.

If you need a little 411 on Leif before writing, here are 15 facts … including the correct way to pronounce his name.

… As for me, Columbus Day often fell on my parent’s anniversary.  So my thoughts will stray their direction, as well. (Another complicated relationship.)

Yesterday’s Salem Poetry Project’s Potluck out in Jefferson was wonderful. Hosted by Bob & Amalie Hill (Publisher & Editor of Memories Before Midnight_10 of us gathered to eat Bob’s excellent culinary offerings and then afterward, shared poetry until the day turned to dusk.

One of the poems I shared was Bracken:

Bracken by Ariel


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