Sept 12th’s prompt is “it wasn’t the fire that she was afraid of ” 

I’m thinking of Terry Goodkind’s  The Sword of Truth” (Legend of The Seeker) series and how the antagonist Darken Rahl (a sorcerer that killed with impunity) convinced his neighbors, Westland (that he wanted to annex ) that what they needed to fear was ordinary fire.

So the innocent victims started a campaign against banning fire – the fire they cooked with, heated their homes with, defended their homes with, depended on to make their lives more sustainable. And it kept them distracted from Rahl, as he eviscerated anyone and everyone in his pursuit of more power.

It’s a fairly effective strategy for authoritarian regimes and hopeful dictatorship – in fantasy books and in reality.

My example of today’s prompt ..

Newspaper senryu

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